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Ful Green Family, Kimchee Flavored Vegetable Frozen Dumplings

Rating:   There is almost nothing written on the web about these dumplings or this company.  A Swedish blog, Gastronomibloggen, has a review of their veggie dumplings and MyFitnessPal and FatSecret have the calorie and nutritional data for several of the … Continue reading

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Dumpling Crimper, Kitchen Gadget

I have always crimped and pinched closed the wrappers of my dumplings by hand, but I was recently in my local Asian food market and saw these plastic clam-shell style dumpling crimpers and thought I would try them out. My … Continue reading

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Noodles, Northampton, MA

Noodles has been serving pan-Asian noodles, curry dishes and dumplings to Smith College students and Northampton locals since 2008. Like restaurants in Korea and Japan, Noodles has plastic replicas of steaming bowls of noodle soup on display in its entrance … Continue reading

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Pu Pu Hot Pot replaced by The Dumpling Room, Cambridge, MA

I periodically visit Cambridge, MA and stay at a hotel across the street from the restaurant Pu Pu Hot Pot, seeing the sign always causes me to flash back to Beavis and Butthead. On my most recent trip Pu Pu … Continue reading

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Take out dumplings from Mandoo Bar

I came into NYC on Amtrak the other day in the mid-afternoon and, since that put me close to Korea Town, I decided to grab a to-go order from Mandoo Bar and see how well their dumplings would micro-wave up … Continue reading

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The KimcheeZ Rant

I saw the following post on Facebook, and while it is not directly related to dumplings, I completely agree with it. “So the current foodie kimchee fad has gotten distinctly annoying. First of all, kimchee is a generic term, like … Continue reading

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Dumpling Man, New York City

It has been a tough month eating dumplings, this will be my third mediocre to negative review this month. Dumpling Man is a small, low key, dumpling snack bar in New York City’s East Village. This spot has an open … Continue reading

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Bunch reborn as Bunn

Bunch, the steamed bun take out kiosk located at Food Gallery 32 (on 32nd Street in New York’s Korea Town & reviewed here), has a new name, Bunn, and a slightly altered menu.  Bunch has become one of my go-to … Continue reading

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Franchia Vegan Cafe, Pan Asian, New York City

While its feet are firmly planted in Korea, Franchia is really a pan-asian restaurant with Chinese and Japanese sections of the menu. It also has an asian tapas menu on which the”Vegan ‘lobster’ ball stick” and “Vegetables dim sum buns” … Continue reading

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Basement Food Court of the Lotte Department Store, Seoul

Department stores in Korea have amazing food courts in their basements, not like a mall in the U.S., but more like at Harrods in London.  The Lotte Department Store has a food court that includes a high-end grocery store, prepared … Continue reading

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