Pu Pu Hot Pot replaced by The Dumpling Room, Cambridge, MA

I periodically visit Cambridge, MA and stay at a hotel across the street from the restaurant Pu Pu Hot Pot, seeing the sign always causes me to flash back to Beavis and Butthead. On my most recent trip Pu Pu Hot Pot was no more, it had been replaced by The Dumpling Room.  I had hoped to do a review, but unfortunately The Dumpling Room was not yet open for business.  A bunch of the Boston food bloggers are posting in anticipation of its opening and there seems to be a good buzzDumpling Room will serve Beijing Ravioli (pork), Taipei Ravioli (pan-fried pork), Chicken Dumplings (chicken and cabbage), Kimchi Dumplings, Emperor Dumplings (beef, chicken and shrimp), Papa Chen’s Veggie Dumplings (Taiwanese vermicelli, chives and egg), Patty Chen’s Vegan Dumplings (five spice tofu, celery, carrots, shitake mushrooms), Soupy Pork Buns, Nutella and Banana Dumplings, and Sweet Red Bean Dumplings.

Artist's rendering of Dumpling House posted in the window

Artist’s rendering of Dumpling House posted in the window

I mainly report on this so that my traveling companion, the Butthead to my Beavis, will see “Pu Pu Hot Pot” on his Facebook news-feed.

The Location  The Dumpling Room will be in Central Square in Cambridge MA, near the MIT campus.

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