The KimcheeZ Rant

I saw the following post on Facebook, and while it is not directly related to dumplings, I completely agree with it.

Real Kimchee Jiggae

Real Kimchee Jiggae

“So the current foodie kimchee fad has gotten distinctly annoying. First of all, kimchee is a generic term, like cheese. Thus nappa kimchee is one type, like cheddar is one type of cheese. Second, I’ve yet to see a single kimchee recipe in the food media that isn’t a total insult to the art that my mother and aunts have mastered over a lifetime of study and generations of lore. There needs to be a new word developed for faux-kimchee bastardization equivalent to the word cheeZe.” Copied with permission

Has adding kimchee to everything become the new adding bacon makes everything better? Although Bunn’s new bacon and Kimchee bun is quite good.

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