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Arata, New York, NY

Arata is the new-ish Japanese vegan restaurant from Matthew Kenny, the famed vegan restaurateur, who is opening multiple vegan restaurants in major cities across the globe. In New York City’s East Village he has a lock on 2nd avenue between … Continue reading

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Take out dumplings from Mandoo Bar

I came into NYC on Amtrak the other day in the mid-afternoon and, since that put me close to Korea Town, I decided to grab a to-go order from Mandoo Bar and see how well their dumplings would micro-wave up … Continue reading

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Philadelphia Vegan* Dumpling Road Trip

I recently took a road trip to Philadelphia and since my traveling companion was a vegan we did a mini-tour of places serving vegan dumplings. We hit New Harmony and Sammy Chon’s K-Town BBQ in Chinatown and Su Xing House … Continue reading

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P.F. Chang’s

When you are a vegan, stuck shopping in a mall in the suburbs and don’t want to eat french fries for lunch, P.F. Chang’s starts to look like a non-terrible idea. It doesn’t ever rise to being a good idea … Continue reading

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Dumpling Man, New York City

It has been a tough month eating dumplings, this will be my third mediocre to negative review this month. Dumpling Man is a small, low key, dumpling snack bar in New York City’s East Village. This spot has an open … Continue reading

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Nom Wah Tea Parlor, New York City

Nom Wah opened in 1920 and claims to be the first dim sum restaurant in New York City. Originally located at 13-15 Doyers Street as a bakery and a tea parlor, Nom Wah moved to 11-13 Doyers Street in 1968. … Continue reading

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Return to Am-Chi, Veggie Dumplings

I have previously reviewed Amherst Chinese (Am-Chi) the home of my favorite dumpling, the pea shoot and shrimp dumpling.  Unfortunately, the pea shoot dumplings are only available seasonally, and some years, depending on the crop, they are not available at … Continue reading

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Vegetarian & Vegan Dumplings

It has been pointed out to me that my reviews of dumpling spots almost exclusively focus on the meat filled dumplings. When it comes to terrestrial animals I don’t eat beef or chicken, basically I am a Pork-aterian, so I … Continue reading

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