ChoripDong Frozen Dumplings

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I grabbed these dumplings pretty much at random out of the dumpling freezer case at H-Mart on 32nd street.  The ChoripDong line of foods are distributed by Seoul Trading Inc, USA which has been in business for over 30 years (previously known as Seoul Shik Poom) distributing products from Korea, China and Southeast Asia to supermarkets, grocery stores, and restaurants across the US.  Recent articles suggest they distribute over 2,000 different products.  A google search also shows they have had a few run ins with the FDA [here, here, here, here], mainly for undeclared ingredients that are allergens.

Steamed and Pan Fried ChoripDong Dumplings

Steamed and Pan Fried ChoripDong Dumplings

The ChoripDong Kimchi dumplings flavored with pork are excellent.  Either pan fried or steamed the dumplings came out with a really juicy, flavorful filling. The cabbage kimchi filling has a medium spicy heat and satisfying crunch, while the pork flavor still comes through the kimchi heat.  These dumplings are really large and if you take them right out of the freezer bag they take a long time to steam or pan fry.  I recommend giving them a quick micro-wave blast to defrost them before you steam or pan-fry them.

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