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Take out dumplings from Mandoo Bar

I came into NYC on Amtrak the other day in the mid-afternoon and, since that put me close to Korea Town, I decided to grab a to-go order from Mandoo Bar and see how well their dumplings would micro-wave up … Continue reading

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Franchia Vegan Cafe, Pan Asian, New York City

While its feet are firmly planted in Korea, Franchia is really a pan-asian restaurant with Chinese and Japanese sections of the menu. It also has an asian tapas menu on which the”Vegan ‘lobster’ ball stick” and “Vegetables dim sum buns” … Continue reading

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Mandoo Bar, New York City, Mandoo

Mandoo Bar is in New York City’s Manhattan Korea Town and serves Korean style dumplings and a quite a few other Korean dishes – the selection of non-dumpling offerings seems to be growing.  The dumpling making station is in the … Continue reading

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