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Janik’s Pierogi Cafe, Westfield, MA

Janik’s has been serving up classic Polish dishes since 2015. You can get Borsch, Lecho, Bigos, Golabki, Zapiekanka, Kielbasa and Pierogi, all made from old fashioned recipes that have been in the family for generations. They also serve classic breakfast … Continue reading

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Whole Foods Potato and Spinach Pierogi

Rating:  While I have been enjoying the recent expansion of buns and dumplings at Whole Foods sushi counter, it seems the overall quality of fruits and vegetables has declined since Amazon took over.  Sure the prices of avocado have come … Continue reading

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Winter Market at Bryant Park, New York, NY

The European market inspired Winter Market has returned to New York’s Bryant Park, bringing a skating rink and 170 shopping kiosks and food vendors to support the holiday shopping season.   This year’s line-up of vendors provides multiple dumpling dining options. … Continue reading

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Daa! Dumpling, New York, NY

The TurnStyles underground shopping and food arcade at Columbus Circle has blossomed into a hopping venue that reminds me of the great underground arcades attached to subway stations in Seoul and Tokyo.  There are several options for dumplings in the … Continue reading

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East Village Dumpling Tour

New York City’s East Village neighborhood is replete with dumpling eating options.  Historically the East Village was home to Eastern European immigrants and there are still some excellent places to get pierogi and varenyky.  Over the past 15 years a … Continue reading

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Golden Brand Frozen Potato and Onion Pierogies

  Rating:   Golden Brand Frozen Pierogies are made by Old Fashioned Kitchen, Inc. which began in 1951 as a storefront business in Brooklyn making fresh blintzes for local bakeries and distributors.  These first blintzes were made on an eight-burner stove … Continue reading

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RIP Theodore Twardzik, Pierogy Entrepreneur

Theodore Twardzik founded Mrs. T’s Pierogies in 1952 in Shenandoah, PA, using his mother’s family recipe.  The company has it origins in Mrs. Mary Twardizik’s small business selling homemade pierogies at church fairs. Her son, Theodore, saw the long lines … Continue reading

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Potato and Leek Pierogi Recipe

This is a pretty quick potato pierogi recipe that uses pre-made round Chinese  dumpling wrappers. Ingredients: 1 lb New Yellow potatoes, 2 Leeks 1/2 cup milk or soy milk, 1 tablespoon butter or margarine, 1 pack of Chinese dumpling wrapper, salt … Continue reading

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Fresh Pierogi Brand Pierogi served with Kimchi

Rating: Fresh Pierogi is a family owned company founded in 1991 that sells a range of packaged, refrigerated pierogi through supermarket chains. Their store in NJ sells refrigerated fresh made pierogi and cooked take-out orders that you can get steamed, … Continue reading

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Little Poland, New York, NY

With the closing of places like Leshko’s and Kiev over the past few years New York’s East Village is progressively losing its Eastern European flavor. With an old school diner vibe, Little Poland is one of the remaining holdouts where you can … Continue reading

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