RIP Theodore Twardzik, Pierogy Entrepreneur

mrstpierogiesTheodore Twardzik founded Mrs. T’s Pierogies in 1952 in Shenandoah, PA, using his mother’s family recipe.  The company has it origins in Mrs. Mary Twardizik’s small business selling homemade pierogies at church fairs. Her son, Theodore, saw the long lines waiting for his mother’s dumplings and realized he could build a business around her recipe. He built Mrs. T’s Pierogies into the first frozen pierogy (Mrs. T’s spells pierogi with a “y”) brand available in American supermarkets.  When the business outgrew the original staff of five women making pierogies in his mother’s kitchen, Theodore invented machines to make pierogies.  Today Mrs. T’s sells 13 varieties of large pierogies and four varieties of mini-pierogies and is run by Mary Twardzik’s grandson.

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1 Response to RIP Theodore Twardzik, Pierogy Entrepreneur

  1. John Rundle says:

    ..but do these ‘machine made’ pierogies have the same texture and subtle flavour of the hand made ones???

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