Fresh Pierogi Brand Pierogi served with Kimchi

Photo Aug 03, 6 01 23 PMRating:stars_4

Fresh Pierogi is a family owned company founded in 1991 that sells a range of packaged, refrigerated pierogi through supermarket chains. Their store in NJ sells refrigerated fresh made pierogi and cooked take-out orders that you can get steamed, pan fried or deep fried.  Fresh Pierogi makes all the classic varieties and the unusual Potato Cheddar and Jalapeno pierogi.  They don’t use eggs so their varieties without cheese are vegan.

I got the Potato and Onion variety from my local grocery store. I prepared the pierogi by first boiling them for two minutes, straining them and then pan frying them in Earth Balance (staying Vegan) until they were crispy.  I then tossed the pierogi with caramelized onions in the fry pan.  I served them with chopped Napa cabbage Kimchi which added spice and pickle to the sweet of the onions – the Kimchi makes a nice substitute for sauerkraut.

The pierogi were really good, but I am giving them four out of five stars because the onions in the filling didn’t really add much flavor to the potato filling.

Photo Aug 03, 6 34 46 PM

Pierogi in the pan with onions

Photo Aug 03, 6 38 33 PM

Pierogi served with Napa cabbage Kimchi


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