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Shrimp and Water Chestnut Pot-Sticker Dumplings Recipe

This is a recipe I have worked on and tweaked for a couple of years. The diced water chestnuts give the dumplings a nice crunch texture and mouth feel. I use some of the shrimp and water chestnut to make … Continue reading

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Dumpling Man, New York City

It has been a tough month eating dumplings, this will be my third mediocre to negative review this month. Dumpling Man is a small, low key, dumpling snack bar in New York City’s East Village. This spot has an open … Continue reading

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Return to Am-Chi, Veggie Dumplings

I have previously reviewed Amherst Chinese (Am-Chi) the home of my favorite dumpling, the pea shoot and shrimp dumpling.  Unfortunately, the pea shoot dumplings are only available seasonally, and some years, depending on the crop, they are not available at … Continue reading

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Dumpling House, Arcadia CA

This outing to Dumpling House started as my second attempt to eat at Din Tai Fung, this time in Arcadia outside of LA.  We pulled into Din Tai Fung at 1:30 on a Sunday which seems to pretty much be prime … Continue reading

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Basement Food Court of the Lotte Department Store, Seoul

Department stores in Korea have amazing food courts in their basements, not like a mall in the U.S., but more like at Harrods in London.  The Lotte Department Store has a food court that includes a high-end grocery store, prepared … Continue reading

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The China Pearl, Boston, MA

The China Pearl is an Dim Sum restaurant in Boston’s Chinatown that gets a lot of good reviews on Yelp. Overall I thought this place was just “eh”.  The various fried dishes we tried were greasy and heavy, and for … Continue reading

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Dumpling House Restaurant, Toronto, Pan Fried

I wish I had pictures from this great little place in Toronto’s Chinatown. I went there for an afternoon snack and it was so good I went back for breakfast, well they open at 11 a.m., so more of a … Continue reading

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Vanessa’s Dumplings, New York City

Vanessa’s Dumplings is becoming something of a cheap dumpling institution in New York City, with a location on Eldridge Street in China Town and a location on 14th street at the northern border of the East Village. Vanessa’s tag line … Continue reading

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Shanghai Garden, Seattle, Washington

Shanghai Garden, located in Seattle’s International District (Chinatown), serves excellent steamed or fried pork dumplings. Shanghai Garden has a full menu and dumplings are only part of the offerings, other stand out dishes include; the barley green hand shaved noodles, … Continue reading

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East Dumpling House, New York City

East Dumpling House is actually on the West side of Manhattan and located at 106th Street is probably the northern most dumpling house in Manhattan.  The place seems to mainly cater to local Columbia students and appears to do a … Continue reading

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