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Bun Battle: Kimchi Edition

The competitors for this bout are Mama Bunns at Gallery32 and Tour Les Jours just down the street on 32nd Street. Tour Les Jours is one of several Korean-French pastry-coffee shop chains (see also Paris Baguette) that sell huge selections … Continue reading

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Yank Sing, San Francisco, CA

Yank Sing is open every day of the week and is one of the top rated dim sum houses in San Francisco.  It was originally opened in Chinatown by the current owner’s grandparent in 1958.  In 2001 it moved to … Continue reading

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Yakitori Sun Chan, New York, NY

Long time readers of this blog know that I am a huge fan of Yakitori Sun Chan, prior posts are here and here.  They were knocked out of commission for over six months by Con Ed’s problems with the gas … Continue reading

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Shun Lee, New York, NY

Shun Lee Palace on East 55th street opened in 1971 and originated Chinese fine dining in New York City. It’s original chef T.T. Wang, who previously worked for the Taiwanese Ambassador to the US, introduced General Tso’s Chicken, Hunan Fish and … Continue reading

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Ravioli de JUIN, Paris, France

In preparation for a business trip to Paris, I googled like crazy trying to find lists of the best places to eat dumplings but I kept coming up short.  There is a Chinatown in Paris but it is pretty far … Continue reading

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Lava Kitchen, New York City, NY

The very recently opened Lava Kitchen is a spare, no design, stripped down casual spot serving Sichuan dishes.  The layout of the restaurant is such that every time the door opens a cold wind blows in from Broadway, luckily the … Continue reading

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La Salle Dumpling Room, New York, NY

La Salle Dumpling Room opened several months ago in Manhattanville and so far has garnered pretty weak Yelp! and blog reviews.  Some of issues may have related to getting the kinks out of the system as the restaurant opened, although … Continue reading

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Vedge, Winter (Vegan) Village, Bryant Park, New York City

Like many public spaces in New York City, in the run up to Christmas Bryant Park hosts an outdoor marketplace selling gifts and food.  What makes the Winter Village at Bryant Park unique, is that over the past three years Frank … Continue reading

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Saiguette, New York, NY

Typically Vietnamese restaurants in New York do not serve dumplings, but Saiguette serves eight styles of dumplings.  Saiguette is mainly a large busy kitchen with a small service counter and six stools at a tiny counter along the window.  If you … Continue reading

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Hangawi, New York, NY

Hangawi is a vegan Korean restaurant in midtown Manhattan.  They serve a lot of creative vegan interpretations of traditional Korean dishes in a classical Korean restaurant setting – shoes are removed at the door and you sit on the floor … Continue reading

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