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Ingredient Hunt: pulled pork at Scott’s B.B.Q.

My recipe for Kimchi & Pulled Pork Dumplings works best with Eastern North Carolina pulled pork. While Central and Western NC styles use a tomato based sauce and slow cook the shoulder cut of the hog, Eastern style BBQ uses … Continue reading

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Tofu, Garlic Chives and Kimchee Dumplings

Over Thanksgiving we tried to whip up a new vegan dumpling recipe and came up with Tofu, Garlic Chives and Kimchee dumplings, which worked out really well. Ingredients One block firm tofu One bunch garlic chives Nappa cabbage Kimchee 1 … Continue reading

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Vegan Pho Soup Dumpling Recipe

These dumplings are a vegetable soup dumpling designed to mimic the flavors of Vietnamese Pho.  The filling could be made of any of the ingredients you often find in Pho, but I used spinach, tofu, carrots and scallions.  Bean sprouts … Continue reading

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Lobster and Butter Soup Dumpling

These dumpling attempt to mimic eating a steamed lobster tail dipped in butter as a soup dumpling.  The lobster and melted butter are contained within the dumpling wrapper like a soup dumpling.  I made these once and they came out … Continue reading

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Kansas City Dumpling Maker

There is a great article (here) in the Kansas City Star magazine about Mr. Hok Kun Ng who used to run Bo Ling’s restaurant in Kansas City.  The article is about his life and his process for making dumplings at … Continue reading

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Shrimp and Water Chestnut Pot-Sticker Dumplings Recipe

This is a recipe I have worked on and tweaked for a couple of years. The diced water chestnuts give the dumplings a nice crunch texture and mouth feel. I use some of the shrimp and water chestnut to make … Continue reading

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Vegan Potato Momo Recipe (Himalayan Dumplings)

Momos are Himalayan dumplings found in Tibet, Nepal and Northern India. They are commonly filled with potato, chicken, yak, or beef and are flavored with ginger, coriander, cilantro and garlic. I tried making potato momos with a recipe I cobbled … Continue reading

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Vegan ricotta cheese ravioli recipe

Ravioli are the dumplings of Italy, and since my wife is a vegan, we recently tired our hands at making vegan ravioli. We adapted the tofu ricotta filling recipe from an online recipe for vegan lasagne. The original recipe had … Continue reading

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Kimchi & North Carolina BBQ Pork Dumpling Recipe

This Christmas my brother and I experimented with making North Carolina BBQ pork and kimchi dumplings. We thought we would take the current trend of adding kimchi to basically everything, and try and make Kimchi & North Carolina BBQ Pork-Chinese … Continue reading

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