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Philadelphia Vegan* Dumpling Road Trip

I recently took a road trip to Philadelphia and since my traveling companion was a vegan we did a mini-tour of places serving vegan dumplings. We hit New Harmony and Sammy Chon’s K-Town BBQ in Chinatown and Su Xing House … Continue reading

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Vegan Potato Momo Recipe (Himalayan Dumplings)

Momos are Himalayan dumplings found in Tibet, Nepal and Northern India. They are commonly filled with potato, chicken, yak, or beef and are flavored with ginger, coriander, cilantro and garlic. I tried making potato momos with a recipe I cobbled … Continue reading

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Vegetarian & Vegan Dumplings

It has been pointed out to me that my reviews of dumpling spots almost exclusively focus on the meat filled dumplings. When it comes to terrestrial animals I don’t eat beef or chicken, basically I am a Pork-aterian, so I … Continue reading

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Return to Shanghai Garden, Seattle

We landed at SEATAC airport at 4:30 smack into the middle of Seattle’s terrible rush-hour traffic.  So rather than battle our way north past downtown to our destination we stopped in the International District and had dinner at Shanghai Garden.  … Continue reading

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Vegan ricotta cheese ravioli recipe

Ravioli are the dumplings of Italy, and since my wife is a vegan, we recently tired our hands at making vegan ravioli. We adapted the tofu ricotta filling recipe from an online recipe for vegan lasagne. The original recipe had … Continue reading

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