Lobster and Butter Soup Dumpling

These dumpling attempt to mimic eating a steamed lobster tail dipped in butter as a soup dumpling.  The lobster and melted butter are contained within the dumpling wrapper like a soup dumpling.  I made these once and they came out well but alas I did not take any pictures.


Dumplings wrappers

A lobster tail ~ 1 lb


Old Bay seasoning

Lemon juice

Instructions:  Lightly season the lobster tail with Old Bay seasoning powder and they cut the tail meat up into small bite size pieces.  Hold the dumpling wrapper in the palm of your hand and use a knife to place a generous amount of butter in the middle of the wrapper.  Add a few drops of lemon on top of the butter and then place a piece of  lobster meat in the middle of the wrapper on top of the butter.  Moisten the edge of the wrapper and fold the wrapper together to completely enclose the filling and crimp the wrapper edges tightly together.

These dumplings can either be steamed or pan-fried, but I think with steaming more of the butter stays as a liquid inside of the wrapper.  Careful when you eat these, as the butter will be melted and scalding hot.

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