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Puff Cha Cafe, New York City, NY

Puff Cha Cafe is a Thai restaurant that focuses on Curry Puffs (Karee Paps in Thai) which the menu describes as “a deep fried delicacy/snack consisting of individual small round pockets of dough that look like a small Cornish pastry … Continue reading

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The Pasty Shop, London, England

As I have written before, when I travel to London I am in the habit of having a pasty for breakfast at Paddington Station as my first meal in country.  After a recent flight to London, I was distressed to … Continue reading

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Are Pasties the English Dumplings?

If we begin with the definition that a dumpling is a sealed pocket of dough that encloses a savory or sweet filling, then I think the Pasty counts as the English dumpling. Pasties are baked and a lot larger than … Continue reading

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