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Miss Korea BBQ, NY, NY

I have probably eaten at two thirds of the restaurants along Manhattan’s 32nd street Korea Town corridor and I have been trying to complete my tour, so for a recent lunch I stopped in at Miss Korea BBQ.  As its … Continue reading

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Ful Green Family, Kimchee Flavored Vegetable Frozen Dumplings

Rating:   There is almost nothing written on the web about these dumplings or this company.  A Swedish blog, Gastronomibloggen, has a review of their veggie dumplings and MyFitnessPal and FatSecret have the calorie and nutritional data for several of the … Continue reading

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Assi Brand Frozen Vege Potstickers

Rating:  I grabbed a bag of Assi Brand Vege Potstickers pretty much at random from the freezer cabinet at my local Korean market – turned out to be a good choice.  A little googling around led me to discover that … Continue reading

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Sun Kim Bop, Seoul Street Food Truck, Amherst MA

The Sun Kim Bop food truck hit the streets in Western MA in winter 2013-2014 but I just spotted it this past weekend on the Amherst commons.  Despite its signage the Sun Kim Bop doesn’t really provide the full Seoul … Continue reading

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Noodles, Northampton, MA

Noodles has been serving pan-Asian noodles, curry dishes and dumplings to Smith College students and Northampton locals since 2008. Like restaurants in Korea and Japan, Noodles has plastic replicas of steaming bowls of noodle soup on display in its entrance … Continue reading

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Oldboy (U.S.) Dumpling Eating Promotion

The South Korean film Oldboy is one of my favorite movies and I have some misgivings about the Hollywood remake, you should all see the original.  But as dumplings play a key plot point in the film and the PR … Continue reading

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Han Bat, Manhattan, NY

Han Bat is a Korean restaurant in Manhattan, situated on the periphery of Korea Town.  They have a full menu of Korean restaurant staples, but when it comes to dumplings they only serve Mandoo Gui, the fried pork Mandoo. The … Continue reading

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Take out dumplings from Mandoo Bar

I came into NYC on Amtrak the other day in the mid-afternoon and, since that put me close to Korea Town, I decided to grab a to-go order from Mandoo Bar and see how well their dumplings would micro-wave up … Continue reading

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Franchia Vegan Cafe, Pan Asian, New York City

While its feet are firmly planted in Korea, Franchia is really a pan-asian restaurant with Chinese and Japanese sections of the menu. It also has an asian tapas menu on which the”Vegan ‘lobster’ ball stick” and “Vegetables dim sum buns” … Continue reading

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Seoul Dumpling Trail

I have plotted out a foodie walking tour of downtown Seoul that features dumpling stops. The walking tour takes you through some of the key sites in downtown Seoul and some of the best foodie spots.

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