Assi Brand Frozen Vege Potstickers

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I grabbed a bag of Assi Brand Vege Potstickers pretty much at random from the freezer cabinet at my local Korean market – turned out to be a good choice.  A little googling around led me to discover that Assi Brand is the flagship brand of the Rhee Bros food company located in Maryland, USA.  Rhee Bros was founded in 1976 by a Korean student living in the U.S., who, to make ends meet, initially sold dried squid shipped to him from Korea by his mother. According to the Rhee Bros website, Assi is derived from the traditional title for a young sophisticated woman.

Photo Sep 13, 6 09 30 PMThese outstanding Vege Potstickers are vegan and are filled with onion, cabbage, green onion, textured soy protein carrot, Chinese cabbage, bread crumbs, tofu, leaks, garlic, ginger, black pepper and MSG. When I fried them up they very quickly starting sticking to the pan and I had to shake the pan continuously to free them up.  They have a meaty texture and flavor and are more a fake meat dumpling than a leafy green vegetable dumpling.  They actually have a meatier texture than some of the hyper-processed frozen pork gyoza you get at Japanese restaurants.  I definitely recommend these dumplings.

Pile of pan fried Assi Vege Potstickers

Pile of pan fried Assi Brand Vege Potstickers

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2 Responses to Assi Brand Frozen Vege Potstickers

  1. Jen Roberts says:

    Thanks for the frozen dumpling reviews. These are super helpful!

  2. sun says:

    Love your site, thank u!

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