Return to Shanghai Garden, Seattle

We landed at SEATAC airport at 4:30 smack into the middle of Seattle’s terrible rush-hour traffic.  So rather than battle our way north past downtown to our destination we stopped in the International District and had dinner at Shanghai Garden.  I have reviewed Shanghai Garden before but their veggie dumplings are filled with seasonal greens, so I thought there might be something new to try.

The Dumplings The Garden has pan-fried or steamed pork buns, pan-fried of steamed veggie buns and chicken-shrimp dumplings with barley green wrappers; since I don’t eat chicken I skipped the last offering.

Steamed Veggie Buns – last time I was at Shanghai Garden I thought the veggie buns were pretty bland.  This time though these dumplings were filled with bok choy and were well seasoned, savory and had the distinct, slightly bitter flavor of healthy greens.


Steamed veggie buns

Steamed Pork Bun – Just as good as last time I had them, they have a mild pork flavor with just a perfect accent of ginger mixed in.  These buns look like they should have scalding soup inside of them but they don’t.  Once you get over this expectation and enjoy them for what they are, these buns are excellent.


Steamed pork bun

The Dipping Sauce.  The sauce that comes with the veggie dumplings is a mix of soy, ginger, scallions and sliced green chili peppers, it is slightly sweet and a great complement for the dumplings.  The buns come with the traditional black vinegar with slivered ginger.

Location.  Shanghai Garden is located in the International District across the street from the Uwajimaya Asian supermarket.  You can park for free in the supermarket parking lot if you buy some groceries.  The International District is a little sketchy, while we were walking around the District I saw a drug deal go down in a parking lot.

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