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Are Pasties the English Dumplings?

If we begin with the definition that a dumpling is a sealed pocket of dough that encloses a savory or sweet filling, then I think the Pasty counts as the English dumpling. Pasties are baked and a lot larger than … Continue reading

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East Dumpling House, New York City

East Dumpling House is actually on the West side of Manhattan and located at 106th Street is probably the northern most dumpling house in Manhattan.  The place seems to mainly cater to local Columbia students and appears to do a … Continue reading

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Mandoo Bar, New York City, Mandoo

Mandoo Bar is in New York City’s Manhattan Korea Town and serves Korean style dumplings and a quite a few other Korean dishes – the selection of non-dumpling offerings seems to be growing.  The dumpling making station is in the … Continue reading

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New York Times Dumpling Article

Wednesday’s Dining and Wine section of the New York Times had an article on dumpling spots in New York City.  The article mainly feature places selling nouveau, new twists or deconstructed dumplings.  Some of the spots sound great, will be … Continue reading

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Fried Dumplings, New York City. Pan Fried.

In an alley at the edge of Chinatown in New York City, this spot simply called Fried Dumplings is the best deal for tasty dumplings in the city. There is almost always a line down the block at lunch time … Continue reading

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