Fried Dumplings, New York City. Pan Fried.

In an alley at the edge of Chinatown in New York City, this spot simply called Fried Dumplings is the best deal for tasty dumplings in the city. There is almost always a line down the block at lunch time and as you wait on line you will hear the repeated yell of “One Dolla, Two Dolla? You stay, you go?”.  When you reach the counter you are expected to immediately answer “One dollar” for five dumplings or “Two dollars” for 10 dumplings, and to assess the available space at the 6-8 person counter and decide if you plan to eat in, or out in nearby Columbus Park.  “Stay” gets you a paper plate, “Go” gets you a styrofoam container.  Fried Dumplings is usually staffed by three people, one doing the yelling and taking the cash, the second tending to a giant, flat grill frying the dumplings, and the third feverishly making dumplings.

The Dumplings.  Pan fried and crispy on the bottom, with a super tasty pork and leek filling, slightly thicker wrapper.  My one critique is that the dumplings are sometimes stuck together and the wrappers can tear as you pull them apart.

The Dipping Source.  The counter has old Huy Fong brand (rooster brand) Sriracha bottles filled with a soy and vinegar mix, with just the perfect amount of sour vinegar flavor.  There are pots of hot chili paste on the counter to mix with the sauce.

Location.  Fried Dumplings is on Mosco Street between Mott and Mulberry Street, right by Columbus Park.  It is right near the Court Houses, perfect for jury duty.

Fried Dumplings. 106 Mosco Street.

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