Return to Tipsy Shanghai, New York NY

After enjoying Little Alley, but not getting the full soup filled experience from their Sheng Jian Bao, I was craving these pan fried buns and so a few days latter headed back to Tipsy Shanghai.  In my prior review of Tipsy Shanghai I referred to their amazing pan fried pork buns as Sheng Jian Bao.  But on this visit I realized the menu lists them as Pan Fried Pork Xioa Long Bao. and after a second try, I think they might actually be their Xioa Long Bao served pan fried.  The wrappers were incredibly thin and didn’t have the semi-leavened, slightly fluffy, bun texture of true Sheng Jian Bao.  But where ever they fall within the ontology of pork buns, Tipsy Shanghai’s Pan Fried Pork Xioa Long Bao are excellent, full of tasty pork and ginger soup and a delicious meat ball.

For this outing I also tried their wonton soup which takes them 20 minutes to prepare.  This big bowl of near clear soup had six large pork wontons and was garnished with bok choy and strips of egg omelette.  After the bold flavors of the pan-fried buns my initial reaction was that the wontons and the soup were really bland.  But after I cleared my palate with some Tsingtao beer, I could appreciate the delicate, crisp flavors of the soup and wontons.  The wontons were filled with a generous serving of pork, flavored with dried shrimp and vegetables.  This is not a big flavor dish, but was quite enjoyable and would be really welcome on a cold day.

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