Leong’s Legend, London, UK

Pork and Prawn Wonton

Leong’s Legends Continue has been my go-to restaurant in London’s Chinatown for years, so I was sad to see the “Permanently Closed” tag for it on Yelp.  Thankfully though, the restaurant has merely moved around the corner onto the main drag of Chinatown and slightly rebranded as Leong’s Legend. They have kept their Shaw Brother’s classic kung fu movie tavern décor from the old location. You almost expect to see Ti Lung or Lau Kar-leung eating dim sum or Yuen Siu-ten sitting at a table nursing a wine gourd. Apparently, the Legend in question refers to the Chinese novel Water Margin.

On this trip I only had time to drop in for a quick snack and grabbed some Pork and Prawn Wonton in Spicy Sauce.   This was my first time having this dish at Leong’s and I was expecting a spicy sesame/peanut sauce or red spicy sesame oil, but instead it was a soy based sauce with sweetened vinegar and very little spice heat.  It wasn’t what I was expecting but the wontons were perfectly formed and sauce was exceptionally tasty, to the point where I was drinking the sauce with a soup spoon.  The wontons were garnished with little chips of deep fried garlic, which provided a flavor zing and crunch that I really enjoyed. If you are looking for hot spicy wontons this is not the dish for you, but otherwise this is an excellent snack or starter.

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