HMart Veggie Big Gyoza Dumplings With Master Brand Hot Dumpling Sauce

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I previously reviewed HMart’s Kimchi Big Gyoza Dumplings frozen dumplings aka Hansang Kimchi Gyoza and gave them five stars – they are delicious. I recently tried another of the Big Gyoza Dumpling line of products, the Vegetable version.  Unlike the Kimchi ones, these are vegan and contain tofu, leak, cabbage, onion, vermicelli, spring onion, and garlic.  I am giving these dumplings 3 out of 5 stars because, while the Kimchi ones had a big bold, complex flavor, the vegetable ones were good but had a much milder flavor.  There was a distinct sweet onion flavor over a savory umami background taste, but the flavor was really one note.    I tried these with Master Brand Hot Dumpling Sauce, which was not spicy at all and significantly sweeter than I like.  I prefer a stronger shot of rice vinegar tartness in my dumpling dipping sauce than Master Brand sauce delivers.

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