Kimchi Big Gyoza Dumpling, HMart House Brand Frozen Dumpling


Kimchi Big Gyoza Dumpling aka Hansang Kimchi Gyoza are one of the HMart supermarket chain’s house brands. The packaging pretty much says it all, they are filled with kimchi, they are big, they are gyoza shaped and they are dumplings.  The packaging could only be more accurate if they re-branded as “Excellent Kimchi Big Gyoza Dumpling”.

These gyoza are filled with salted cabbage, nappa cabbage kimchi, spring onion, garlic, leek, sweet potato and radish.  The kimchi was really at its peak when it was wrapped into these dumpling, well fermented with a deep and complex flavor but still with texture and crunch.  The kimchi is flavored with salted shrimp and salted anchovy which give the dumplings a slight briny, umami, funk flavor, in a good way.  The red pepper in the kimchi isn’t overdone, the heat is there but it doesn’t overwhelm the other flavors.  I suspect that a Korean would label these as mild for spice heat, but for me the heat level was where I like it.    

Five or six of these dumplings, pan fried up and then finished off with a little steam, makes a satisfying meal and a bag of these tossed into the freezer means there is always a quick, delicious meal or late night snack easily available.       

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1 Response to Kimchi Big Gyoza Dumpling, HMart House Brand Frozen Dumpling

  1. John Rundle says:

    They look like they may be a bit much for a “late night snack”!! But they do sound good for lunch.

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