Dim Sum Palace, Korea Town, NYC

Dim Sum Palace is a New York City mini-chain of Cantonese dim sum houses with seven locations and a planned eight location in Chinatown that will seat 200 people and stay open to 4am.  Back in 2019 I tried the Hell’s Kitchen location and this time around I tried the Korea Town location. This location is a narrow store front and mainly has tables for groups of four and doesn’t seem to be good for large parties.  As far as I can tell from the website, all of the locations serve dim sum from a menu rather than from carts pushed around the restaurant and additionally have a wide range of kitchen entrees.   The salt baked shrimp were exactly as I remember them from 2019, unfortunately still served without the head, but still delicious. 

The Dumplings:  I tried the Szechuan Spicy Wontons and Pan-Fried Tiny Buns, both of which were filled with a mix of pork and large chunks of shrimp and were both delicious.  The wonton sauce had the Szechuan spice, pepper corn and complex fermented bean funk flavor profile but was a lot thinner and soupier than Szechuan sauces I have had elsewhere.  The sauce was a really good dipping sauce for the fried buns and the salt baked shrimp.  The buns were incredibly light and fluffy and were quite sweet and the filling was juicy.  These were better than I remember from the Hells Kitchen location, which were dry.

The Location.  The Korea Town Dim Sum Palace is on 33rd street between 5th and 6th Avenues and across from Nan Xiang Xia Long BaoDim Sum Palace is a calmer alternative to Nan Xiang, which has been crowded with long waits the last couple of times I have been there.

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