Lays’ Takoyaki Flavored Crisps.

I saw these new “spring limited edition” Takoyaki flavored potato chips from Lays’ Chinese company at my local Asian mart and had to try them.  The flavoring components were listed as MSG in the middle of the ingredients and “Takoyaki Flavor” as almost the last ingredient. I suppose “Takoyaki Flavor” could be fried pancake batter flavor, dried Bonito tuna flavor, a mild octopus flavor, a fruity, tangy Worcestershire style sauce flavor or in true Takoyaki style, all of the above.  Since Lays’ Walkers UK brand already sells a Worcester flavor chip, opening up the bag my guess was that these chips would have some variation of fruity brown sauce flavor.  I am disappointed to report these chips had a generic salty savory flavor, probably reflecting more of the MSG than the “Takoyaki Flavor”.   I think Walkers’ Worcester Sauce flavor chips, available at one of my favorite shops Brits R Us, is closer to the Takoyaki experience.

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