Soy Boy Verde Ravioli


I previously reviewed Soy Boy’s Original Ravioli back in May 2017 and I just tried their Verde Ravioli which are filled with “garden herb-seasoned tofu”.  These green silver dollar sized ravioli are filled with tofu and okara which is the byproduct of making tofu. So essentially the filling is soy beans that have been processed into two fractions – tofu and okara – and then both processed products have been put into the ravioli.  The filling mix has a convincing ricotta cheese texture and has an orange color from tomato powder, and also contains dried onions, granulated garlic and herbs and spices. When eating them it is totally unclear which garden herbs are supposed to be seasoning the tofu, so my critique of the Verde ravioli is the same as for the Original ravioli; the filling is just a little bland.  I think Soy Boy needs to add some nutritional yeast to their ravioli filling to give them some cheese and umami flavor.

The ravioli are vegan and low in fat, a serving of six ravioli has 3 grams of fat, or only 30% of calories from fat, and no cholesterol.  Each serving also has 11 grams of protein, so a little over half of the protein found in a typical quarter pound burger.  So with a strong, flavorful sauce these ravioli make a good, healthy meal.

Soy Boy Verde ravioli, boiled and then pan fried, with home made sauce.




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1 Response to Soy Boy Verde Ravioli

  1. John Rundle says:

    Looks to me that the most memorable feature of this meal is the sauce!

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