Sajo Vegan 0.6 Dumplings


I could not find out a lot about this Korean company online, although several online retailers sell these dumplings. The search was also difficult because several Korean companies have Sajo in their name. These dumpling’s claim to fame is that their wrappers are supper thin, 0.6 mm thin, as proudly displayed in the name on the packaging. The dumplings are filled with tofu, green onions, cabbage, carrots and glass noodles and something called artificial beef flavour 04076. The dumplings tasted quite good, with general savory flavor, with some cabbage notes at the end. I did not notice any of the fake beef flavor. The dumpling have a sort of rounded wedge shape and it is easy to pan-fry the top and bottom surface of the wedge, and because the wrapper is so thin they quickly fry up crispy. But it is more difficult to fry the surface at the thick end of the the wedge and so the thick part of the wedge ends up being a little mushy. These are a decent dumpling and HMART is selling them in sets of two bags taped together.

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