Little Alley, Scallion Stuffed Pocket


Little Alley is a Taiwanese food company whose products are represented and distributed in the U.S. by the Well Luck Co. Inc. The Scallion Stuffed Pocket is the love child of a scallion pancake and a Hot Pocket. The pocket dough is make of scallion pancake dough that has been folded and layered like a traditional scallion pancake. This gives the pocket the layering that produces the crispy outside and slightly chewy flaky inner layers that are characteristic of a scallion pancake. The pocket is stuffed with lots of chopped scallions, white onions and fried chives, more that you get in a typical scallion pancake..

These pockets were really good, definitely worth having in the freezer for a snack . As I noted above, the dough of the pocket fries up to have a very similar texture to a scallion pancake, but because they are ram-packed with scallions they had a more intense flavor than scallion pancakes do. The pockets themselves are round and puck shaped and are about 4 inches in diameter. Also of note they are vegan. I picked these up at my local HMART.

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