Third try: Vegan Kimchi Takoyaki

Vegan Kimchi Takoyaki

After my first attempt to make Takoyaki which was an epic fail, I tried a second time which was a moderate fail and then a third time which was a modest success.

On my third attempt I used 1.33 cups of Otafuku Takoyaki flour with 12 ounces of water to make the batter and a lot more oil in each of the pan’s wells than I used last time.  I essentially deep fried the batter I poured into each of the pan’s wells. The other tricks I learned were to get the filling, scallions and kimchi pieces, into the cooking batter as quickly as possible and as soon as the batter starts to cook to start peeling the edges of the batter away from the walls of the wells.  I also found that to prevent burning I needed to continuously rotate the Takoyaki in their wells.

I think it will take me a few more attempts before I am turning out high quality Takoyaki, but these were a tasty snack.

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