Recipe Fail – Homemade Vegan Kimchi Takoyaki

Takoyaki batter, scallions and kimchi

Takoyaki batter failing to set up

After mastering making Okonomiyaki at home I decided that I would learn to make Takoyaki.  I ordered a Tako pan and Otafuku Takoyaki flour and sauce from Amazon and watched a bunch of YouTube videos on making Takoyaki.  The Otafuku recipe calls for 4 oz of Takoyaki flour, 2 eggs and scallions and I decide to put kimchi in the middle instead of octopus pieces.  Unfortunately the batter did not set up, it stubbornly stayed liquid except the outer layer which burned and stuck to my Tako pan.

I used a lot of oil in the cups of the pan so I don’t think this was the problem.  Since I was trying to make vegan Takoyaki I used an egg replacement which has worked perfectly for the Okonomiyaki, so I don’t think that was the problem either.  I don’t have a kitchen scale, so I Googled “how many cups is 4 oz of flour” and got back an answer of 2/3 of a cup; my guess is I should have used a lot more flour than this.  If I can ever get my Tako pan clean again I will try making the batter with a full cup of flour.

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