Recipe: Vegan Beef Tips and Leek Dumplings

I think Gardein has been hitting it out of the park with their meatless products, their Meatless Meatballs are excellent with pasta or on a hoagie with red sauce and cheese.  This recipe uses Gardein’s Meatless Beef Tips product with sauteed leeks to make a dumpling with a beef and onion flavor.  The Meatless Beef Tips are vegan with 170 calories per serving, only 60 calories from fat, with 17 grams of protein. These dumplings are perfect for Meatless Mondays.

Vegan Beef and Leek Pan-Fried Dumplings


  • Beefless Tips – one piece of beef tip for each dumpling.
  • White-to-light green part of a Leek – one leak is enough for ~6-8 dumplings
  • Dumpling wrappers


  1. Clean the leek and cut the leek into very thin slices across the length of the leek.
  2. Saute the leeks until wilted and just starting to brown.
  3. Microwave frozen Beefless Tips for 2 minutes to defrost them.
  4. Cut each Beeefless Tip in half into two pieces.
  5. Pan fry the Beefless Tips in the pan you used to saute the leeks, until the outsides are crispy and a little caramelized.
  6. Place two pieces of Beefless Tip onto a dumpling wrapper with some sauteed leek.
  7. Pinch the wrapper closed around the filling.
  8. Pan fry the dumplings in oil.
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1 Response to Recipe: Vegan Beef Tips and Leek Dumplings

  1. John Rundle says:

    Looks and sounds good – we need to try these meatless profucts but may be difficult to get them in NC!!

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