Sticky Potstickers, ChoripDong Frozen Dumplings

Photo Dec 31, 7 05 58 PMRating:  stars_1_5

Photo Dec 31, 7 23 56 PMI don’t really understand ChoripDong brand Sticky Potstickers frozen dumplings. The bags are captioned “Raviolis Des Pommes De Terre” which suggested to me a potato filled ravioli aka a pierogi.  The Korean labeling describes them as “potato rice cake mandoo”.  I previously reviewed ChoripDong’s Kimchi dumplings flavored with pork here, and gave them five stars.

The Sticky Postickers are small pleated buns about the size of a silver dollar around. The filling doesn’t resemble mashed potato pierogi filling or rice cakes but is made with minced leaks, cabbage, spring onion, tofu, potato powder, onion and radish.  Overall the flavor was, at best, mildly savory; these buns are best eaten with a good dipping sauce, soak these buns in your favorite dipping sauce.  The wrappers are made with rice flour crystal dumpling skins, which I find do not freeze and then fry up well.  Even when cooked golden brown or all the way to blackened, the wrappers were gummy and mushy.  H-Mart was having a special on these, two bags for the price of one, so I am stuck with another bag and half in my freezer. If you care to try them, these buns are vegan.

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