Return to Naruto Ramen, New York, NY

Pan fried veggie dumplings

Pan fried veggie dumplings

The day after the blizzard in New York City seemed like the perfect time for a bowl of ramen at Naruto Ramen (full review of Naruto Ramen here).  As a starter we tried the pan fried veggie dumplings.  They use pre-made wrappers, but make the filling and construct the dumplings in house.  The dumplings are filled with minced green veggies without any tofu based attempt to provide a meat substitute – an order of these dumplings is a full serving of veggies.   Overall they were good, but a little too salty and a little under fried; they could have used another minute of frying.  Naruto Ramen’s veggie dumplings are vegan.

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