Wang Foods Leek Dumpling/Legume Ravioli

Kang Foods Leek Dumpling

Wang Foods Leek Dumpling

Rating:   stars_3

Wang Food is sub-brand of the large Korean traditional foods exporter, Samjin Globalnet. The company has been promoting Korean food internationally since 1970 and sells a wide range of dumplings under the Wang Foods and  brands.  A lot of the dumpling choices appear to be vegan, but if their shark fin dumplings are the real thing, then a boycott is probably in order.

Pan fried Wang Food's Leek Dumplings

Pan fried Wang Food’s Leek Dumplings

Based on the ingredient list I was expecting that Wang Foods’ Leek Dumpling/Legume Ravioli would be a veggie packed, vegetable dumpling but instead they turned out to be a fake pork with leek gyoza style dumpling. The fake pork was quite convincingly meaty and savory but I was disappointed that I couldn’t really taste the leaks, plus I had been looking forward to leak packed vegetable dumplings not a pork and leek gyoza.

If you are looking for a vegan pork and leak gyoza these work quite well, they pan fry up really crispy and come 50 to a bag.  One of the reasons for the three star rating is that these dumplings were really salty, I cooked them up for lunch and I was gasping for water all afternoon long.

My Cat likes vegan dumplings

My Cat likes vegan dumplings

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6 Responses to Wang Foods Leek Dumpling/Legume Ravioli

  1. Naoki says:

    Hi !
    Do you know if this dumplings from wangfood are great for vegetarians ?
    There is kimchi in it and kimchi use sometimes animal components. The ingredient list is not really clear about this. So if you have information on this product, it would be great. 😀
    Thank you !

  2. Kaalah says:

    I am vegan and used to love the Wang vegetable dumplings. The ingredients appear totally vegan, but recently I noticed that they contain cholesterol! (Not found in vegan foods). Do you know anything about what’s up?

    • Alice says:

      I found this website because of the same issue! I bought same dumplings, cooked them and ate them because ingredients seemed vegan. Then before throwing the packaging away I noticed dumplings contain cholesterol. So I totally freaked out…

  3. rundlea says:

    Palm oil and other vegetable oils are sources of cholesterol that could be in vegan foods.

  4. Asmae says:

    So it’s not real pork?

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