Dining Out Hiatus

For much of Feb I fought a cold and lived on order-in dumplings. Then just as I got better two weeks ago COVID-19 started being diagnosed across the U.S., so my hiatus from eating out and seeking new dumplings continues. I had a trip planned to Chicago for C2E2 and pierogi eating for last weekend but I cancelled it (Pierogi and dumplings from my last trip 1, 2, 3) .  Now I am trying to minimize my subway usage and social contacts.  Stay safe and follow CDC recommendations: wash your hands a lot, get all you prescriptions refilled, and stock up on some shelf-stable staple foods.

So below is a montage of the dumplings I order in or found in my freezer and cooked up while I battled the cold.  All bowls and plates were thrown and glazed by yours truly.


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