Mom’s Dry Noodles, Pepper and Sesame Flavor

Happy Christmas Eve day, this post is way off my dumpling hunting brand, but I just had these noodles and had to write about them. They were so good I had them for dinner two nights in a row.  Mom’s Dry Noodle is a Taiwanese company that makes a line of Asian instant noodles that you cook in boiling water but then eat as a dry noodle dish.  Once the noodles are cooked you drain them and then toss the noodles with the contents of flavoring sachets that come with the noodles.  The Pepper and Sesame noodles comes with four flavoring packs – sesame oil, ground black pepper, soy sauce and sesame paste.  Once sauced the noodles had a sensational nutty sesame flavor with some mushroom notes layered over the top.  They reminded me a lot of old school New York City Chinese take-out Sesame Noodles, but surprisingly these instant noodles are a refined version of that classic dish.  The noodles had an excellent bite and chew to them when cooked for 3.5 minutes in boiling water.  The Pepper and Sesame noodles are vegan and come with four packets of instant noodles in a plastic sack.

The Ramen Rater blog has reviews of several of Mom’s Dry Noodles and a video of them visiting the manufacturer.

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3 Responses to Mom’s Dry Noodles, Pepper and Sesame Flavor

  1. Brian Kopinski says:

    Where did you buy these in the USA? Anyone know where they’re sold in Chicago?

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