Fulgreen Kimchi Mandoo and BCD Home Soon Dubu Kit Review


This week’s frozen dumpling review is a twofer – Fulgreen Frozen Kimchi Dumplings and BCD Tofu House Home Soon Dubu Kit.   Both are are excellent products and get five stars.

Fulgreen has changed the logo on its frozen Kimchi dumplings and so I didn’t realize that I had already reviewed these dumplings until I got home from the store.  Fulgreen is definitely consistent in the quality of its Frozen Kimchi dumplings and with their off the radar corporate presence.  The dumplings were still packed with crispy crunchy, very tasty and very spicy kimchi and there is still practically nothing about the company on the web.

I paired these dumplings with Soon Dubu made with BCD Tofu House’s Home Soon Dubu Kit.  Soon Dubu is a Korean, soft tofu stew that is served so blazing hot, it is still boiling when it gets to your table.  Soon Dubu is also crazy spicy, so between the temperature heat and the spice heat, Soon Dubu feels like a dish that fights you back as you eat it.

Beginning in 1996 with a single restaurant in Los Angeles solely focused on this dish, BCD Tofu House popularized Soon Dubu in the U.S. and then re-popularized it in Korea.  BCD Tofu House now has locations across the U.S. and in Korea and Tokyo and sets the standard for Soon Dubu.  They recently released their Home Soon Dubu Kit which can be found in the refrigerator section of Asian markets and comes in Plain, Medium, Hot and Extra Hot varieties.  What you get in the package, is a block of soft tofu and a packet of powdered soup stock and the secret blend of BCD Tofu House spices.  As expected the home version is not as good as the restaurant version, but it is very good.  It is closer to the restaurant version of Soon Dubu than any dried ramen packet or gourmet home ramen kit gets to restaurant ramen.

I made the Soon Dubu following the instructions on the package and added some enoki mushrooms as the stock started boiling and then once the broth hit a full boil, I added a raw egg and poached it.  As the broth cooked, I pan-fried the frozen mandoo and added them to the  Soon Dubu when the broth finished cooking.  This combination of Fulgreen Frozen Mandoo and BCD Tofu House Home Soon Dubu Kit turned out great and makes an quick and easy flavorful meal.

The Fulgreen Frozen Mandoo are vegan but the BCD Tofu House Soon Home Dubu Kit lists oyster and beef extract on the ingredient list.

* Bowls in the photos made by Dumpling Hunter

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