Wang Foods “Frozen Dumplings for Pan Frying (Kunmandu)”

Wang Foods Kunmandu


Wang Food is sub-brand of the large Korean traditional foods exporter, Samjin Globalnet. The company has been promoting Korean food internationally since 1970 and sells a wide range of dumplings under the Wang Foods brands.  A lot of the dumpling choices appear to be vegan and I previously reviewed their Leek Dumplings here.

Most of the labeling on these dumplings is in Korean with the only English describing them as “Frozen Dumplings for Pan Frying (Kunmandu)”.  The dumplings are formed in the traditional Korean long thin moon shape and are filled with onion, green onion, leek, cabbage, soybean protein, vermicelli, soy sauce, ginger, MSG, sesame oil and black pepper, and are vegan.

I pan fried the dumplings and frankly they were pretty bad.  They had no discernible vegetable flavor, I was expecting at least some onion flavor in these, and tasted only of salt and MSG savory notes.  The filling had a mushy paste texture that was gross.  We threw this bag out and got some good Assi Brand dumplings.

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