Rising Moon, Organic White Bean and Kale Ravioli


I was originally looking for vegan ravioli in my local food co-op and these caught eye.  It turns out that they are not vegan but they sounded really good and I was thus detoured from my original mission.  Rising Moon has been offering pastas that are certified organic and Non-GMO, with some vegan and gluten free options for over 20 years.  The company began with a ravioli subscription service, delivered by bicycle, and then expanded to include foccaccia breads and sauces.

White Bean and Kale ravioli with home made sauce.

While the labeling focuses on the white beans and kale, these ravioli also contain garlic, breadcrumbs, spices and four kinds of cheese; white cheddar, ricotta, romano and asiago.  Despite all this cheese the filling has a rich creamy texture from the white beans and they do not eat like a cheese ravioli. But the flavor of the cheese, particularly the romano and asiago, is there and balance out the cruciferous notes of the kale.  I really enjoyed these ravioli and at 12 pieces per pack this is a filling, tasty and quick dinner option.

Rising Moon’s vegan options are: Garlic Roasted Veggie Ravioli, Butternut Squash Ravioli, Classic Potato Gnocchi, and the Spinach Florentine Ravioli.

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1 Response to Rising Moon, Organic White Bean and Kale Ravioli

  1. John Rundle says:

    Was this your sauce? You know anything tastes good with that!!

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