Assi Brand, Cooked Vegetable Dumplings


Assi Brand Cooked Vegetable Dumplings

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I really enjoyed the Assi Brand Vege Potstickers and so recently grabbed a bag of  Assi Brand Cooked Vegetable Dumplings.  Assi is the flagship brand of the Rhee Bros food company located in Maryland, USA.  Rhee Bros was founded in 1976 by a Korean student living in the U.S., who, to make ends meet, initially sold dried squid shipped to him from Korea by his mother. According to the Rhee Bros website, Assi is derived from the traditional title for a young sophisticated woman.

Assi Cooked Vegetable Dumplings in soup

Assi Cooked Vegetable Dumplings in soup

Pan fried Assi Cooked Vegetable Dumplings

Pan fried Assi Cooked Vegetable Dumplings

This variety of dumpling has a traditional Korean mandoo half-moon shape and are cooked by laying them flat side down on a fry pan or by boiling them in a soup.  They are filled with soy bean protein, leek, cabbage, vermicelli, onion, green onion, garlic, sesame oil and ginger and are vegan.  Like the Assi Vege Potstickers, the Cooked Vegetable Dumplings are not a leafy green vegetable dumpling but rather are a convincing faux pork and scallion dumpling.  They actually have a meatier texture than some of the hyper-processed frozen pork gyoza you get at Japanese restaurants.  These dumplings worked equally well pan fried or in soup with rice cakes, scallions and zucchini.

These is an excellent frozen dumpling, that eats like a really tasty pork and leak mandoo for vegans.

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6 Responses to Assi Brand, Cooked Vegetable Dumplings

  1. John Rundle says:

    Out of all those vegan ingredients, how to you get a “porky flavour”????

  2. claredragonfly says:

    Where did you purchase these? I’m in Maryland so I hope I’ll be able to find them.

    • rundlea says:

      These were from a small Asian food market in MA. I see them in Asian markets all over, so you should be able to find them locally to you.

  3. Karmi says:

    You forgot to mention black pepper in your list of ingredients…I can die from it …please revise for future readers!!! I just cannot find a frozen gyoza or dumplings without it 😱

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