Delicious Rendezvous Inspired Cooking

During the COVID-19 stay at home lock down I have become obsessed with Delicious Rendezvous, a Korean cooking show on the Viki streaming service.  The conceit of the show is that a celebrity chef, Baek Jong-won, and a group of young Korean celebrities tour farming and fishing regions in Korea and develop new recipes to promote consumption and improve the perception of local specialties.  A lot of the regional food specialties they feature have fallen out of favor with younger generations or have dwindling profitability due to over production or challenges from typhoons, climate change and COVID-19.  The casting of the show is amazing and the food is incredible, which has inspired a lot of home cooking, all of which has been vegan.

The show has been filming since Dec 2019 and over the course of the episodes you can see how life in Korea has changed as COVID-19 spread.  Over the course of the episodes crowd scenes got smaller, face masks appeared, hand sanitizing became frequent and road side temperature check stations appeared.  In episode 25 they focused on radish, which is consumed in massive quantities in school lunches, but now that schools have been closed down the farmers have no where to sell this crop.  This episode was particularly moving.

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