Mr Robot’s Bo Hai Dumpling Town, New York City, NY

Mr. Robot - Bo Hai Dumpling Town

Mr. Robot – Bo Hai Dumpling Town

The USA TV show Mr. Robot has built a hardcore fan base that obsesses on Reddit about all the details embedded in the show.  The main character, Elliot Alderson, lives in the Two Bridges neighborhood of Manhattan above Bo Hai Dumpling Town.  Several fans have posted on Reddit about their pilgrimages to Bo Hai Dumplings Town and posted selfies of themselves infront of the store.

The Lo-Down wrote in an article about Mr. Robot “Here’s a footnote for the truly obsessed. Bo Hai Dumpling Town is nothing much to look at. If you walk inside, you’ll see a few women hunched over tables stuffing and rolling dumpling skins. But it’s a decent place to pick up a bag of frozen dumplings ($11 for 50). Varieties include: pork with leek, pork with Chinese cabbage, chicken with Chinese cabbage, vegetable and salted meat.”

Unfortunately Bo Hai Dumpling Town closed before I started binge watching Mr. Robot and I did not get a chance to try their dumplings.  Judging from the signage seen in the series, it closed at some point during the shooting of season one.  The four story tenement building that housed Eliot’s apartment and Bo Hai Dumpling Town sold in June 2014 for 3.3 million.

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