Bunch reborn as Bunn

Bunch, the steamed bun take out kiosk located at Food Gallery 32 (on 32nd Street in New York’s Korea Town & reviewed here), has a new name, Bunn, and a slightly altered menu.  Bunch has become one of my go-to spots for a snack in midtown, they serve large, excellent, steamed buns. With the re-branding they have add Gua Bao to the menu and a bacon and kimchi steamed bun.  Gua Bao are essentially braised pork and slaw sandwiches that use steamed Chinese white bread as the bun.  While it sounds like the bread might be heavy and soggy, when done well, it actually comes out as a light, fluffy bread.  Bunn serves a spicy, braised pork that is delicious.  They have also instituted a frequent eater loyalty program, after 5 orders you get a free one.

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