Surasang Frozen Kimchi Dumplings


Surasang is one of the brands of Samjin Globalnet, a Korean company dedicated to exporting traditional Korean foods to the world.  The company has been around since 1970 and has multiple brands and huge array of products.  The word Surasang refers to the traditional table setting in Korean Royal Court Cuisine that held 30+ dishes of food.

The Surasang Kimchi Dumplings are small and bite size but are total flavor bombs.  The cabbage kimchi filling is not particularly spicy but has lots on pungent, fermented kimchi flavor.  The ingredient list includes oysters, which I assume were used in the kimchi, so these dumplings are not vegetarian.  The filling also includes vermicelli glass noodles and textured tofu, the later of which gives the filling a slight meaty texture.  I have been pan-frying them and have found that they burn easily, perhaps because they are so small.  The Surasang Kimchi Dumplings are a great product to have in the freezer for a quick dinner or snack.

Pan-fried Surasang Kimchi Dumplings on a plate made by Dumpling Hunter

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