Fourth Anniversary of Dumpling Hunter

New_logo_smDumpling Hunter is celebrating the beginning of its fifth year in existence, having uploaded 245 posts and received over 48,000 page views.  The first post on 9/30/12 was a review of Nan Xiang Xiolong Mantou in Shanghai.  Dumplings have been eaten in countless cities and towns, in ten countries – USA, China, Korea, Italy, Netherlands, England, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and Turks and Caicos – across four continents.

Top dumplings have been had at Yang’s Fried Dumplings in Shanghai, Myeongdong Gyoza in Seoul, Nishida Sho-Ten, Kung Fu Steamed Little Buns Ramen, and Xi’an Famous Foods in New York City, Shanghai Garden in Seattle and Leoung’s Legends Continue in London.   The most over rated dumplings were at Din Tai Fung and the worst were from Chopsticks on Turks and Caicos. A highlight was when Beyond Meat sent me coupons for free product after seeing my recipe for vegan beef dumplings.

Despite comments to the contrary I still maintain that Pasties, Samosa, Empadana and Piroshkies count as dumplings.

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2 Responses to Fourth Anniversary of Dumpling Hunter

  1. John Rundle says: why isn’t the UK included in your list of countries where you have eaten dumplings – and I mean ‘dumplings’ not pasties!!!

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