Gothamist seems to have gone mad for Dumplings

The Gothamist, which runs a series of city specific blogs, seems to have gone mad for dumplings this summer, they put out dumpling related list-icles across almost of their outlets.

Gothamist:  The 8 Best Chinese Dumplings in NYC

LAist:  The Best Dumplings in Los Angeles

Chicagoist:  The 12 Best Dumplings in Chicago

DCist: The Best Places To Get Dumplings In The D.C. (But Mostly Rockville) Area

SFist: The 7 Best Dim Sum Spots In The Bay Area

The only outlet in their stable of blogs that didn’t have an article on the best places to get dumplings was the Shanghaiist.  Maybe compiling that list is too daunting of a task in Shanghai, but here is a hint, the top 10 places to get dumplings in Shanghai are all the Yang’s Fried Dumpling outlets.

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