Pão de Queijo, Brazilian Cheese Buns

Photo Mar 19, 6 18 15 AM

Pão de queijo

I recently did a business trip to Rio and had hoped to find dumpling restaurants to report back on, but the trip turned out to be too hectic to do much Dumpling Hunting.  One of the dumpling-esque things I did eat a lot of were pão de queijo, which are small cheese stuffed baked buns.  These delicious buns are similar to small Bao, but use cassava flour and require no leavening.  The hotel I stayed at served them for breakfast every morning and they could also be bought from street vendors and coffee/snack shops all over Rio.  Pão de queijo are also popular in Japan, having been brought to Japan by the migration of Brazilian born ethnic Japanese who have immigrated to Japan.  In Japan they are made with rice flour rather than cassava.

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