Dumpling Poisoning in China

Lu Yueting pleaded guilty on Tuesday to, in 2008, spiking frozen dumpling made by Tianyang Food in China with the pesticide methamidophos. It was reported at the time that 80 people fell ill from the dumplings, but reports of the trial say ten people in Japan and four in China were sickened by the dumplings.  The incident led to the recall of millions of bags of frozen dumplings.  Apparently Lu Yueting was unhappy with his wages and wanted to get the attention of his mangers.

Obviously we at Dumpling Hunter are outraged at the notion of contaminating dumplings.

Lu Yueting in court

The crazy reports over the past couple of years of food contamination in China have led my wife and I to avoid all food made in China.  But in all fairness the bacterial contamination issues we keep seeing with beef and chicken in the U.S. are part of the reason I don’t eat these two meats at all.

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