Unit Su Vege, Philadelphia PA

Unit Su Vege is a vegetarian Chinese restaurant with lots of vegan options, that is the sister restaurant  to Su Xing House on Samson Street which I previously reviewed.  Unit Su Vege has an extensive Dim Sum menu, with more dumplings options than I could sample in one outing, and a full menu of classic American-Chinese dishes and some traditional Chinese dishes and a menu of vegan smoothies, shakes and milk teas.  The restaurant claims to be Kosher, but it is unclear which organization, if any, is overseeing the Kosher status.  There is a lot to try at this restaurant so I am planning on doing a few trips back to really explore the menu.

The Dumplings:  The menu lists 15 dumpling and bun options, of which we tried three.  The waitress did not initially bring us any dumpling sauce and when we requested some, we were brought only a small dish of sauce.

The Veg Soup Dumplings came painfully overcooked with half of the dumplings having ruptured wrappers and the other three dumplings tore apart as we tried to pick them up.  The filling was made of minced vegetables and, except for the obvious carrot content, it was hard to tell what vegetables made up the filling, but the filling was tasty.  I was only able to get a little of the soup, but it tasted good. These dumplings did not come with any of the traditional black vinegar dipping sauce. I think these dumplings would have been great if they had of been cooked well. 

We also tried the steamed veggie dumplings, which were filled with Chinese cabbage, shiitake mushrooms, celery, and dried tofu.  The taste of the cabbage dominated with these dumplings, which is fine if you like that flavor, but I thought they needed more seasoning.  Overall, these dumplings tasted seriously healthy.

The last dish we dried was the Kung Pao Chicken Buns, which were amazing.  The bun was perfectly light and fluffy with a slight sweet flavor.  The flavor of the filling began sweet, and tasted a lot like a BBQ pork bun, but on the second bite the spice heat of red chili peppers started to kicked in.  There were actually pieces of red chili pepper in the filling, like you would find in a Kung Pao dish.  This was a sensational steamed bun.    

The Location:  Unit Su Vege is on Hamilton between 20th and 21st streets in Philadelphia’s museum district. It is very close to the Rodin Museum and near the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Rocky Steps. This is a great place to go for a late afternoon snack or dinner after a day at the museums.

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